Research Projects

The legal-political status of the political opposition in representative democracies

PID2020-117154GA-I00 - Funded by MCIN/AEI/10.13039/501100011033

Main Researcher: Dr. Manuel Fondevila Marón

Area of Constitutional Law


UE-Mediterranean: Impact of the Arab spring on Euro-Mediterranean relations and Spain's interests in the region


Main Researcher: Dr. Antoni Blanc Altemir

Area of International Public Law and International Relations


Public assets at the crossroads of the current scene of global economic crisis


Main Researcher: Dr. Antonio Ezquerra Huerva

Area of Administrative Law


Legal and penal protection of the freedom and sexual indemnity of minors


Main Researcher: Dr. Carolina Villacampa Estiarte

Area of Criminal Law


Sexual victimization of minors and their protection from sexual abuse, sexual exploitation and child pornography


Main Researcher: Dr. Josep Maria Tamarit Sumalla

Area of Criminal Law


Age, employment and social vulnerability


Main Researcher: Dr. Josep Moreno Gené

Area of Labour and Social Security Law


Contemporary forms of gender violence: legal mechanisms for protection of victims


Main Researcher: Dr. Carolina Villacampa Estiarte

Area of Criminal Law


The new development of public health in Spain and the fundamental law system


Main Researcher: Dr. César Cierco Seira

Area of Administrative Law


Towards a comprehensive Anti-trafficking and Anti-slavery Act (coordinated project)

Human Trafficking and Slavery: Phenomenological Analysis and the Protection of Victims Through Criminal Law (subproject)


Main ResearcherDra. Carolina Villacampa Estiarte

Area of Criminal Law


New technologies, organizational changes and work: a multidisciplinary vision


Main ResearchersDra. Ana María Romero Burillo i Dr. Josep Moreno Gené

Area of Labour and Social Security Law


Salud pública en transformación: desinformación, alimentación y cambio climático


Investigadora principal: Dra. Laura Salamero Teixidó

Àrea de Dret Administratiu