Ms. Laura Serramià Balaguer

Researcher - PhD Student

Area: Criminal Law

  • +34 973 70 32 78
  • Office: 2.08
    Faculty of Law, Economics and Tourism
    C. Jaume II, 73
    25001 Lleida


1st Semester 2nd Semester
Wednesday from 10.00 to 16.00 hours    


Laura Serramià Balaguer graduated in Law at Rovira I Virgili University in 2013, obtaining the extraordinary award of final studies in 2014. She holds a Master’s degree in Law at the Rovira I Virgili University (2013-2015), passing the lawyer’s exam. Also, she holds a Master’s degree in Penal Justice System (2015-2016), where her research work obtained the excellent mark. In relation with that, she received the Melchor Almagro Díaz first award for research works about legal issues, an award given by the Law Faculty of Granada University (2016). At present, she is a PhD grantee at the Public Law department of the University of Lleida, whose lines of research focuses on restorative justice and its application to the gender violence crimes, as well as its impact on the more representative ethnic minorities in the Spanish and Catalan society. In that regard, it is necessary to emphasize the recent publication of the article “new opportunities to restorative justice in criminal system after legal reforms implemented in 2015: special impact on gender violence” at Dereito journal (2017).

Extensive curriculum