Dr. Daniel Fernández Cañueto

Postdoctoral Researcher

Area: Constitutional Law

  • +34 973 70 32 37
  • daniel@dpub.udl.cat
  • Office: 3.26
    Faculty of Law, Economics and Tourism
    C. Jaume II, 73
    25001 Lleida


1st Semester 2nd Semester
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Daniel Fernández Cañueto is Professor of Constitutional Law at the Universitat de Lleida since 2017. His research topics during the last few years have focused on representative governments, political representation and his representative relation, Parliamentary Law compared and democratic quality. He has participated in 2 competitive projects about how citizen’s and regions participate in the different levels of government, and also about the interaction between representative democracy and participative democracy in the law-making. He coordinates the annual seminar “Nuevos Horizontes del Derecho Constitucional”. Among her numerous scientific publications during the last years the following titles stand out: “La neutralidad del Estado y el papel de la religión en la esfera pública alemana” (2013); “A vueltas con la representación política” (2014): La iglesia católica y la nacionalización de Cataluña (2016); “Gobierno representativo y realidad constitucional. La España contemporánea entre literatura y pensamiento político” (diciembre 2017) y “Representative government and constitutional reality. Contemporary Spain between literature and political thought” (2017).

Extensive curriculum